Saturday, July 28, 2012

A "New" Granddaughter~ Hannah

One year ago our Son and Daughter~in~love announced that they were going to be parents.  No, not your usual way as they have tried 7 years without success, but adoption through foster parenting.  We were so excited for them and a little bit frightened, but mostly happy and excited to see what God had planned.  Our kids were approved for 2 infants and we anxiously awaited a phone call.  That darn phone did not ring from July until October (I swear it didn't :)).  Then that morning in October we got the call,  "Mom, there has been a safe surrender and we were called to take her.  And take her we did.  The kids took her home and we took her into our hearts.  But it was not meant to be.  After 21 days of having our little "Isabell" the court gave her to another family.  Our hearts were broken and we grieved.  Gramma did not sign up for this!

Two weeks later we got another phone call.  "Mom, there has been another safe surrender and we were called to take and name her.  With bruised hearts but immense hope the kids took home Hannah Nicole.  She has her Mommies nose :)  Hannah had a rough start and the kids had to leave her in the hospital for 2 days.  Mommy and Daddy would visit several times a day to feed, change and just hold little Hannah.  Then it was time to take her home.

And the long nine months to the final adoption when we can finally all breath again :)
Hannah grew strong and happy and stole the bruised and uncertain hearts of us all.  No matter how hard we tried to hold back "just in case" it didn't work.  Our little Hannah would smile and our hearts would grow three sizes.
Yesterday, a long nine months after we received her our little Hannah became ours officially.  This Gramma learned a beautiful lesson.  The heart heals and can grow to accommodate all that God has planned for us.  Mommy and Daddy love their little girl and she has stolen this Gramma's heart.  And Granddad, he knew all would turn out right and Hannah has him wrapped around her little finger :)

Hannah has a large family that all joined together yesterday to celebrate her officially being in our family.  But she was already our family.

Hannah Nicole my little Rosebud :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Has it been a Year?

Oh my, it has been a year since I posted.
And what a year.  Full of scary Drs. and Hospital visits for my Sweetheart.  Then recoveries. Thank you, God. And the possibilities of new Granddaughters, and the loss of one, but the gain of another.  No vacations, unless you count our trip to Beverly Hills, (swimming pools, movie stars), and Cedars Sinai Hospital.  Which was no vacation at all.  But cost more than any vacation we could ever take.  The holidays and relief that we were still together, and had the gift of more time.
But now I find myself planning again.  Planning vacations,  I miss you my Hawaii, and planning family get togethers.  And enjoying the time I have here on earth, with my loved ones.
Speaking of time~  I am late!  Better get to my studio!  Have a great 24 hours today.
Spend your time wisely.  We only get so much time...   So spend it with those you love.  I know I will.  These are two of my loves that I will be spending this wonderful gift of time with this long weekend.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Azarias' Birthday at Grammas

Wow, I must have been busy... It has been a long time since I was here. My Sweetpea turned 2 years old

Such amazing time in her life. She loves balloons and we got her a Happy Birthday balloon which she took with her everywhere. Gramma tried to keep it safe for her as we came and went. But in leaving the studio to go home the balloon that was tied to me got away when I went thru the arch! It was a very traumatic time for my Sweetpea, she was devastated. My heart was breaking for my little one as the balloon went higher and higher, over the mountains.
It was a traumatic time for Gramma too. It took me way back when I was little and my family went to the fair. We were limited to one item each. I dont remember which my brother and sister took. But I chose the balloon. The balloon with the pink mouse balloon inside the clear bubble balloon. I was one happy little girl. My balloon too, got away. And I too was devastated and unable to get another one as we couldnt afford it.
While trying to calm my little one I told her to look up at the moon, that her balloon flew all the way up to the moon! And that we could see it in the full moon. This appeased her for a little while and while she was hiccuping from the sobbing we talked about how high that balloon would go. All the way up to Jesus! I called Grandad and told him what happened with a tear in my voice and an old ache in my heart.
We watched from the window a couple of hours later when Grandad pulled up. My little one and me. And when Grandad came up the walk and out of the darkness, what did he have? Another balloon for Sweetpea. She squealed, "Grandad saved the day!" And he did, my Sweetheart, saved the day :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Contest

Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

These have been fun, Come Join!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homesick for my Hawaii

We left The Big Island less than three months ago and I am homesick already. Thinking about the Kona breezes, the ocean waves, and the ohana I feel when I am there. Missing the island time feeling with my sweetheart as we welcome the morning from our lanai, and watching the tourists and kamaiana chasing the illusive golf around the Kona Country club.

Then later we will join the golfers and we too, will be out there chasing that illusive golf. Enjoying the chase and the challenge and the beauty that surrounds us. There is a little humor too, I call this my Dr. Suess tree. Isn't it wonderful?

Then a walk down Alii drive, and maybe some dinner at Pancho and Leftys. Watching the sunset and enjoying a relaxing dinner with my kuuipo and a margarita. Enjoying the bird song from the banyan tree across the street and people watching while they stroll by.

Then our stroll down Alii to the bay to watch the ocean in its constant ebb and flow, until we tire and return to our lanai again.
The next day starts the same but today we will go down to our hale in Ocean View and work on it until tired. But it is coming along and we stay there a few days completing what we can, enjoying the time and work together and rest.

The time speeds past at an alarming rate and it is time to return to our condo. We bar-b-que and get a visit from our local feral cat, Kona Boy, asking for his shrimpies. He remembers us from visit to visit no matter the length between and comes when I call him to get his pets of aloha.


Tomorrow we will visit the beach, snorkel, and then to the Kona Canoe Club for lunch. The best, (and I do mean best), fish and chips on the island. Watching the visiting geckos and the surf on Kona Bay. Sometimes a honu or two will swim by. Then there are the paddle boarders and the paddlers in their canoes. All this entertainment from our front row seat. We can sit there for hours, enjoying our lunch and enjoying a Longboard Lager from the Kona Brewing company. Soaking in the cool breeze and relaxing in the home of my heart.

Our time together here in paradise has been a flurry of relaxation, visiting kamaina, and ohana, working on our hale, snorkeling, golfing, exploring, sunbathing, enjoying just being, and reuniting with my kuuipo and our island home.

But now it is time to go back to reality, home in Onyx, our jobs, and our other life.
My Hawaii, you are in my heart and will always be as close to me as my memories.
Aloha Nui Loa, my Hawaii, until I return home to you again.