Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kona Coffee Quilt Contest

The Kona Coffee Quilt Contest will be held for the 3rd time this year if there are enough entrants. As it stands now there aren't :(. I have entered this contest twice and only won an honorable mention. But it is the challenge and the thrill of having my quilt accepted and then seeing it hanging in Kailua Kona that keeps me entering. Anyone interested in entering check out the website for the rules and deadlines. I will also take a picture of your quilts while I am there and email them to you. So, come join the fun. Oh, and there is a cash prize too, as if that matters! lol Good Luck, and happy quilting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Musings on my Birthday

We are funny creatures. The whole of us made up with tiny pieces of family and friends that have gone before us, or touched us in some sweet, or bittersweet way. We all have our own unique gifts, ideas and ways of looking at things, and of doing things.
Like folding towels.
I fold towels like my mom taught me. I wonder who taught her? Or did she see it in a magazine in the 50's? But I have "my own way" of folding towels. I even refold my sweethearts towel because he doesn't fold it like I do. Even after more than 20 years. He has his own way too, but I redo it... :)

I started pondering this when my best girlfriend was telling me how she knew her moms Alzheimer's was getting worse. Her mom forgot how to fold the towels "her" way, and folded them haphazardly. And her mom had a very specific way of folding towels that allowed no deviations. And now she has forgotten. It has left her.
I wonder, is this a loss, or a freedom?
To those around, it is a painful reminder that she is leaving them. One thought, or memory at a time.

I believe that we need to grasp this day as if it is all that we are allotted, Bask in its glory and sunshine. Be in its moments and enjoy the day for all it is worth. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Tell those you love them today. Give your dog or cat an extra pet. Hug your friends a little longer, a little tighter. Smile and thank God for this day, for this moment, and that you have finished the laundry. How do you know that the laundry is finished?
You just folded the last towel.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sea Diamonds

Here I am with my quilt in Hawaii. It is hanging in the Quilt Hawaii show. I didnt win anything, but sometimes you "win" just by being accepted. I had a great time too.

Sea Diamonds

This is a close up of my favorite part. I just love the way my seaweed turned out. It reminds me of the seaweed we found as kids walking the beach in Santa Barbara with our Granddad.

Sea Diamonds

I started this quilt at Asilomar in my friend Jan Krentz' class. Diamond landscapes. The background (ocean, sky, and sand) are all 3" diamonds. The shells, seaweed, and sand dollars at the bottom are all drawn by me, hand appliqued, with trapunto and embellished with beads. I enjoyed this technique so much I have 2 other quilts in the making.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My favorite Quilt- Sea Diamonds

This is part of my favorite quilt. I drew up the shells and hand appliqued them with trapunto and embellished them with beads.
The sand dollars and shells shown are at the very bottom of the quilt.