Saturday, July 28, 2012

A "New" Granddaughter~ Hannah

One year ago our Son and Daughter~in~love announced that they were going to be parents.  No, not your usual way as they have tried 7 years without success, but adoption through foster parenting.  We were so excited for them and a little bit frightened, but mostly happy and excited to see what God had planned.  Our kids were approved for 2 infants and we anxiously awaited a phone call.  That darn phone did not ring from July until October (I swear it didn't :)).  Then that morning in October we got the call,  "Mom, there has been a safe surrender and we were called to take her.  And take her we did.  The kids took her home and we took her into our hearts.  But it was not meant to be.  After 21 days of having our little "Isabell" the court gave her to another family.  Our hearts were broken and we grieved.  Gramma did not sign up for this!

Two weeks later we got another phone call.  "Mom, there has been another safe surrender and we were called to take and name her.  With bruised hearts but immense hope the kids took home Hannah Nicole.  She has her Mommies nose :)  Hannah had a rough start and the kids had to leave her in the hospital for 2 days.  Mommy and Daddy would visit several times a day to feed, change and just hold little Hannah.  Then it was time to take her home.

And the long nine months to the final adoption when we can finally all breath again :)
Hannah grew strong and happy and stole the bruised and uncertain hearts of us all.  No matter how hard we tried to hold back "just in case" it didn't work.  Our little Hannah would smile and our hearts would grow three sizes.
Yesterday, a long nine months after we received her our little Hannah became ours officially.  This Gramma learned a beautiful lesson.  The heart heals and can grow to accommodate all that God has planned for us.  Mommy and Daddy love their little girl and she has stolen this Gramma's heart.  And Granddad, he knew all would turn out right and Hannah has him wrapped around her little finger :)

Hannah has a large family that all joined together yesterday to celebrate her officially being in our family.  But she was already our family.

Hannah Nicole my little Rosebud :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Has it been a Year?

Oh my, it has been a year since I posted.
And what a year.  Full of scary Drs. and Hospital visits for my Sweetheart.  Then recoveries. Thank you, God. And the possibilities of new Granddaughters, and the loss of one, but the gain of another.  No vacations, unless you count our trip to Beverly Hills, (swimming pools, movie stars), and Cedars Sinai Hospital.  Which was no vacation at all.  But cost more than any vacation we could ever take.  The holidays and relief that we were still together, and had the gift of more time.
But now I find myself planning again.  Planning vacations,  I miss you my Hawaii, and planning family get togethers.  And enjoying the time I have here on earth, with my loved ones.
Speaking of time~  I am late!  Better get to my studio!  Have a great 24 hours today.
Spend your time wisely.  We only get so much time...   So spend it with those you love.  I know I will.  These are two of my loves that I will be spending this wonderful gift of time with this long weekend.