Sunday, June 26, 2011

Azarias' Birthday at Grammas

Wow, I must have been busy... It has been a long time since I was here. My Sweetpea turned 2 years old

Such amazing time in her life. She loves balloons and we got her a Happy Birthday balloon which she took with her everywhere. Gramma tried to keep it safe for her as we came and went. But in leaving the studio to go home the balloon that was tied to me got away when I went thru the arch! It was a very traumatic time for my Sweetpea, she was devastated. My heart was breaking for my little one as the balloon went higher and higher, over the mountains.
It was a traumatic time for Gramma too. It took me way back when I was little and my family went to the fair. We were limited to one item each. I dont remember which my brother and sister took. But I chose the balloon. The balloon with the pink mouse balloon inside the clear bubble balloon. I was one happy little girl. My balloon too, got away. And I too was devastated and unable to get another one as we couldnt afford it.
While trying to calm my little one I told her to look up at the moon, that her balloon flew all the way up to the moon! And that we could see it in the full moon. This appeased her for a little while and while she was hiccuping from the sobbing we talked about how high that balloon would go. All the way up to Jesus! I called Grandad and told him what happened with a tear in my voice and an old ache in my heart.
We watched from the window a couple of hours later when Grandad pulled up. My little one and me. And when Grandad came up the walk and out of the darkness, what did he have? Another balloon for Sweetpea. She squealed, "Grandad saved the day!" And he did, my Sweetheart, saved the day :)