Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home from Hawaii

We are back home, Vacation was fabulous! This was the view from our lanai. I could watch the sun setting in the evening, and the sun rising in the morning. Will post more when I am back in the swing of things.
But for now, I miss you my Hawaii.


sonja said...

so how was the coffee festival?
i hope you won a prize for your lovely quilt. sorry i could not go nor did i get a quilt made to enter...

RoseofSharonStudio said...

The Show was not as good as in the past. The quilts were hanging up high in a lobby around other happenings and it just seemed way to "busy". There were only 10 entries, and the winner was chosen by people passing by. Most had no concept of what they were chosing. But I dont mean to sound sour, it just wasn't what it was in the past.
I didnt win anything, but did have a prospective buyer, until an illness set in. Oh, well. It is one of my personal favorites, so I will keep it. :) I will see you at
Quilt Hawaii in July!