Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to the Garden

Ah, spring in the Kern River Valley. Warmer days, cool nites, and very unpredictable weather. The only thing you can count on is the wind. It blows every day, just at different speeds.
But it is time to brave the wind and plant our garden for summer/fall. We pull up the weeds, till the ground and mulch it, and put the tiny seeds to rest in the ground. Then start the process of watering and feeding and tending. Anticipating the rewards of our labor when the seeds turn into plants and the plants bear their wares in the various shapes and colors of vegetables and fruit. We will enjoy these treasures and share the wealth.
But I wonder at the miracle of it all. We plant and tend and anticipate a lot from these tiny seeds. It is a lot of work, but for us a labor of love.
I come from a long line of gardeners. My grandparents had gardens. My Grandma Kelly tended her garden daily all year round. It was what she did. My grandma had a green thumb, anything and everything grew for her. She had the most amazing garden.
We started in a garden. But there was no work to be done, worry to be had, or anything that needed weeding or watering. It was simple perfection. Nothing to do all day but enjoy the garden, eat of its' bounty, and commune with God. Total peace and perfection. But Eve was tempted and Adam followed. And we were expelled from the garden of life and peace. I think of how stupid Eve was, then I think of the stupid things I have done. Truth is, I would like to say I would have done differently, but reality says my fingers would be sticky from that fruit too.
We need to get back to that garden. Back to a simpler, more peaceful, and calmer life. More communing with God and nature. Back to contentment with what we have and recognizing the blessings that God brings us new each morning. Back to a garden of peaceful beauty and worship of our Lord. Back to the garden without tears, pain, stress and impossible needs.
Back to the garden that does not have these darn grasshoppers that have already eaten the leaves on our melon and eggplants!

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