Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring is Here

We have a porch that is our evening sanctuary. It is filled with plants, bird houses, crosses, frogs,patio furniture and a small pond. In the evening, after chores, my sweetheart and I sit a few minutes, relax and unwind. We share our day and everything that weighs us down is left there. It is a peaceful few minutes. We listen to the water gurgling in the pond, the frogs singing, and the news of each others day.
This year for the first time in 15 years we had a family of sparrows nest in one of our bird houses. They added chirping to our evenings repertoire. It was a wonderful addition to our evenings. We worried about the babies and our five cats though. But the babies flourished, and then flew away. Just like that, they were gone.
It got me to thinking how fleeting life is. We raise our kids, and blink our eye, and they are off living their own lives, as they should. It is a wonderful cycle.
It also reminded me of Gods care for us. He watches over the sparrow and takes care of so many little sparrows. His love is even greater for us His children. God will provide for all our needs.
I wonder if the sparrows will come back next spring. Only time will tell.

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