Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We will be going to the beach this weekend.
Yea! I get to see my ocean!
Can't wait.
This 4th of July I will be married to my sweetheart for 20 years. It seems as though we just met, and yet I cannot believe that there was a time when we weren't together. I am so grateful to have met and married my best friend. But he is so very much more than that.
We will be going back to Moonstone Beach where we spent our one night honeymoon. For years (10) we went back to the same motel and stayed in the same room and watched the fireworks in Cambria, sometimes from the cliffs, and sometimes from our room. But the new owners wouldn't hold our room for us and our tradition was broken when we had to stay in a different room. It was also the last time we stayed there. No, we wont be staying at that motel, but we will be going down to the beach across from it and look for moonstones :)

Actually, I should thank the new owners because after that disappointment we have spent many anniversaries at the beach in different places, and even states.
My favorite- Kailua Kona. Of course. We have spent the last 3 anniversaries at Bubba Gumps watching the fireworks just off Kailua Bay. Beautiful!

We will be watching them in Cayucos this year. They have a wonderful fireworks display right off the pier over the ocean. It is our second favorite place to spend our anniversary.
Well we are off on our adventure. Happy Independence Day!

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