Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bucket List continued....

I want to swim with the manatees. They are such sweet gentle creatures. And what faces, you just want to kiss those sweet faces. If I could be an animal it would be a manatee. They swim, eat, love, raise babies, swim, eat,... well you get the picture. I actually saw a manatee when in Florida, but we were crossing a bridge and my friend wouldn't stop. Something about laws against it in Florida....
Here in California, hey we stop whenever, wherever we want to... just saying.
So my connection was brief, but I can still see that wonderful creature in my minds eye and will go snorkel with him some day. Can't wait!

Oh, and hike down to the green sand beach in Hawaii. I got to take this pic from the rim. My sweetheart would not let me hike down to it. Getting down is easy, getting back out, not so easy. :)

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