Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fathers Day

I do admit fathers day has never been one of my favorite days.
I do have a father, I do send him a card.

That being said, I do not have warm fuzzy memories of growing up and fathers. Or even of being an adult and fathers. Fathers always leave, always let you down, hurt you, and are not to be trusted. I did have one stepfather that I loved, but he is gone now. And I guess one out of three aint to bad.
At least, that is my experience with fathers.

Now Grandads and Uncles are a different story. :) Grandads and Uncles are everything daddys are suppose to be. They love you unconditionally, are always there when you need them, never lie to you, and never never hurt you.
At least, that is my experience with Grandads and Uncles.

Even the father I chose for my boys let them down, left, hurt them, and could not be trusted.

But my sweetheart Michael changed all that. He came into our lives, loves the boys unconditionally, raised them, was and is always here for them, never left them, and would never ever hurt them. My Michael is their daddy.

I like fathers day a little more now that I have Michael. And now that our youngest son is a daddy. And our oldest son is the best Uncle in the whole world.
I am now surrounded by men who dont leave, who can be trusted, who wont lie to me, and would never ever leave me.....

Happy Fathers Day

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