Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring in th Kern River Valley

We have had more wind this spring than I can ever remember in my 23 years of living here. We have also had a longer spring than I can ever remember. A trade off maybe? This is the first year that I have had birds nest in my birdhouses too! I have a small collection of birdhouses on my porch. The oldest and most delapidated one is the home of Jack and Sally Sparrow. ( Jack Sparrow - get it? I know, but he is my favorite pirate! lol) They had two babies that grew up and flew off a couple of weeks ago, now they have four babies and they are getting big. They should be leaving the nest next week. It is so fun to sit and watch and listen. Boy, the parents sure work hard at feeding these four noisy hungry babies.
Soon they will fly away and spring will turn to summer. Every thing is in constant change, constant movement. But it is nice to just sit on my porch and watch and just be in the moment.
Oh, did I mention that I have five cats? They have been told that the birds are off limits. So far, so good....

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