Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today everything is Quiet

Yesterday, while celebrating Fathers Day, my hubby took pictures of the babies as they peeked out of their birdhouse and watched momma and daddy (Jack & Sally Sparrow) feed them. It was as noisy as it has been the last week. All hungry and demanding.

When we went indoors to eat, the boys commented how noisy the birds were, we just smiled. Afterwards, I was taking some veggies out to Shadrak, our tortoise, looked up at the bird house and there was a head peaking out at me. But it wasn't a birdie, it was a gopher snake. Now I never even thought to worry about one of those! Of course, my sweet noisy babies are gone. Into the circle of life.

It makes me sad, but also makes me realize again how fragile life can be and how we are not in control of our surroundings. Oh, we can plant, water, plan, dream, and aspire. But the end result is not in our control.

We kept the cats from getting the babies, but we couldn't keep that sneaky snake from getting them. We can plant our garden and expect it to give us the fruit and vegetables we see on the little package, but we have to wait for the outcome. We can carefully and prayerfully plan our lives to the fullest, most fun and rewarding, but we cannot predict the future.

The Bible says, "The mind of man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps."

I have always said that man plans and God laughs. Gods' plans are always better than what we dream up. I have also known that no matter how hard I try, Control is an illusion. But it never stops me from trying to control my surroundings.

I wanted to strangle that snake, instead I had my 6'4" son reach up and lift the birdhouse from the pole and turn the 3' gopher snake loose in my garden. Hopefully next time he will get those horrible gophers. I just keep telling myself it is natures way, the circle of life.

But I still had tears streaming down my face when Sally came joyfully up to the porch with her prize moth in her mouth for her babies and they were not there. And I had tears when Jack sat on the branch and just watched and watched the birdhouse for his babies. Even the sparrows have plans. But God cares for the little sparrows too, and they will refurbish the birdhouse and be back. I hope.
We will snake proof the birdhouse now in hopes of a new family. And life goes on.

Ah, this funny, sad, exciting, excruciating, heart filling, and heart wrenching, Circle of Life we are on.

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